fullsizeoutput 15dcAlan and Clare Goodwin have been married since 1981 and live in Falmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. They combine their creative talents in many ways, particularly in regard to the creation of mandalas.

In 1996, Alan asked Clare if she would like a website. "What in the world would I want a website for?" she responded. They little realized at the time that "Clare Goodwin's Mandala Page" would become a major focus of their work together, and a rallying point for mandala artists worldwide.

While the website carried Clare's name for many years, it has been always been a cooperative effort. In 2013 the site was rebranded as "The Goodwins' Mandala Page."

"The Center of the Circle Newsletter" allows Alan and Clare to share their new discoveries and old favorites with a wide circle of subscribers. The newsletter appears monthly at the New Moon. 




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