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Divine Spark

"The spark divine dwells in thee: let it grow." Ella Wheeler Wilcox 11-5-16

Alan has just given me a new version of MandalaMaker™ to test before releasing to the public.  It occurred to me that there might be some interested in our unfolding progress. Curiosity and wonder to where this will all lead and at the same time feeling as though on the beginning of a great adventure.  

The Divine Spark that caused Alan & I to meet, also caused us both to have a spark for mandala making. We consider it as part of our 'legacy' to the world of mandala enthusiasts, and ideally, beyond that.   

Where is your Divine Spark leading you?  


Inbound Marketing

The phrase, "inbound marketing" is new to me.  And yet, on some level, this is what I've been doing for most of my artistic and counseling career.  Certainly, technology is rapidly advancing to help people find us and our offerings with greater ease.  For that I'm grateful and am excited to learn more about it. (Watch this space!)

Rolling this concept around in my brain, it occured to me that creating mandalas could be considered the ultimate inbound-marketing process.  Too much of a stretch?  Stay with me for a moment!

Over the years, Alan has observed that when I am feeling good, as if by magic, customers and clients find their way to me.  And the opposite is also true.  If I'm 'freaked out,' calls stop coming in, which contributes to more 'freaked out' energy. Why would anyone gravitate to the grumpy, petulant, freaked out & defeated part of me? And yes, still human, occasionally I experience those emotions.AdobeStock_67505815

One of the primary processes for aligning my spirit and returning to "feeling good" is creativity.  Specifically, creating mandalas helps me to navigate my way back to a calmer space and a stronger connection to the Divine unfolding within every experience.  

While the qualities of spiritual equanimity might not be the norm in daily business, my preference is to interact with people who exude a quality of calm.  Does that mean I expect the bank teller or the clerk at the checkout counter to be my best friend?  Nope.  It means that I expect courtesy.  Courtesy is hard to give to anyone else when I don't give it to myself.

Given the number of mandalas I've created over the years, you would think I'd be the calmest person on the planet!  Nope.  Sometimes I feel like the woman on the left.  When I do, I give it to the 'circle'. 


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