Gifts of the Mandala: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery


Imagine that you found a map to the invisible realms of mind and spirit.

What might you discover? 

Based on Clare’s 35 year exploration of the mandala as an artist, therapist, and teacher of students world-wide,
“Gifts of the Mandala: A Guided Journey of Self-Discovery” invites you to deepen your understanding of yourself
through the sacred art of mandala making.



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 "Clare Goodwin's incredible and beautiful book comes to us at a time when creativity, wonder and possibility are sorely needed. Clare invites us to take paper and colors and draw ourselves into our own experience. This is not a book only for artists, though they will love it. This is a book for all of us, designed to free our hearts and minds. Thank you Clare!"
- Dorothy (Didi) Firman, Ed.D. - Director of Training, Synthesis Center, Amherst, MA and author of several books including "Engaging Life: Living well with Chronic Illness" and "Daughters and Mothers: Healing the Relationship"

"Clare Goodwin's writing is so very warm and encouraging. It is perfect for those new to mandalas and also for seasoned mandala enthusiasts seeking a new approach to exploring and creating mandalas. I love this book!"
- Lori Bailey Cunningham, author of "Mandala: Patterns of the Universe" and "Mandala: Journey to the Centre"




  PDF Templates

Gifts of the Mandala provides a set of templates to enhance your exploration of the mandala form. The templates are printed in the back of the book and may be copied for personal use.

We offer here an extended set of templates in PDF format for printing from your computer, tablet or phone. This high-quality set includes 17 additional templates which do not appear in the book. These templates are for personal, non-commercial use only.


Download Basic Templates (10.8 MB)


Download Extended Templates (21.1 MB)


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