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"I am so aware of the fact that your wonderful teaching and positive feedback has supported my efforts and helped me to develop this latent talent which is now progressing so delightfully. The only regret I have about Clare Goodwin's correspondence course is, that it finished after Lesson 8! I really miss it - not having this wonderful feedback of hers which is like an open door into my innermost being."

- Rev. Veronika

"I liked the way you set the course up and the speed with which you responded to our mandala lessons. I like your spiritual essence and your human nature responses. I am delighted to find a soul that can speak my language."

- Joanne

"I just read your comments, they never fail to escort me gently into the untouched part of me that co-creates with the conscious parts of me. That is why I love this part of the process so much, you bring me to a whole other level that I can awaken and embrace."

- Cathy

"I have fibromyalgia and have been doing all sorts of spiritual work to aid in my healing. I started with Mandala work with my therapist over almost two years before I started working with Clare online. If you decide to work with Clare, I think you will find enormous benefit. I have. My primary physician and my therapist have both seen the incredible spiritual healing growth that has occurred because of my work with Clare. She is an incredible intuitive and teacher. The work itself will help you no matter what area of your life you are utilizing this course to augment, even if just for expansion of your creativity. I love reading Clare's input and then looking at the mandala again - it's awesome! I get such new takes when I do that and see more. This has got to be one of the best things I've done for myself in a long time."

- JacQuelyne

"Finding and connecting with Clare Goodwin and her Mandala Correspondence Course on the internet is and has been one of the most meaningful experiences on my artistic and spiritual journey to date. The lessons have enabled my inner self to emerge more freely. In learning this form of expression, I have found one more channel to explore and experience life's many blessed ah-has"

- Linda


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